Hot Rods of Cutoff Lathes

Check These Advantages

LOW COST- Quick payback. Inexpensive quick change tooling.

VERSATILE- Five different models can handle a wide range of diameters in bars and tubes.

DOUBLE-END FINISHING- Can be accomplished optionally as an in-line process.

NO SECONDARY MACHINING REQUIRED- In many cases simple parts can be machined in one operation.

ACCURACY- Length, chamfers, forms and grooves can be accurately held.

LOW COST TOOLING- In most cases standard insert tooling can be used for cut-off, chamfering, and forming operations.

MULTIPLE OPERATIONS- Parts can be cut to length while simultaneously being chamfered, formed, knurled, grooved, etc. – all in one continuous step.

MINIMUM MATERIAL HANDLING- From bundles of raw material to cut parts in one handling.

VOLUME PRODUCTION CAPACITY- With easy programming and quick changeover, you can easily produce moderate to high volumes of parts.

RIGID, SIMPLE CONSTRUCTION- All moving parts are attached to a heavy head-stock casting which is bolted solidly to a fabricated base.

QUICK, EASY PROGRAMMING- Menu driven, fill-in-the-blanks programming makes set-up a breeze. Training takes minutes.

EASY TO MAINTAIN AND SERVICE- Machines utilize common, commercially available components. Our experienced cutoff technicians offer prompt technical support and on-site service. Ninety-six percent of all parts and tooling items are shipped within two days.